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♦ Why should these Services be taken?

Managing Risks and Processes correctly, Increasing Productivity, Decreasing Costs, Working with the right Staff, to ensure Customer Satisfaction.. So, to be financially Stronger...

1) Private Equity Finance Consultancy

You can use unique non-refundable models such as Private Placement for Financing Humanitarian, Production, Employment Projects.

2) Debt Restructuring Consultancy

From Bank Configuration to New Cash Procurement, from the Rescue of the Company to the Rescue of the Shareholders... Information is collected by discussing with the Authorities and Partners of the Concordat Companies. Solutions are presented when the situation is understood. For example; The situation is not the same for a Company with a difficult Loan Payment and a Company whose Checks have been returned or have been Forfeited. You can get different Solutions in each case.

3) Letter of Credit Working Capital Consultancy

In International Trade, you can use 1 year cost-effective Cash Financing by using the Advantage between Buy Forward and Cash Sale.


  • As a result of the transaction, the Commercial Sales / Turnover item in the Balance Sheet increases.
  • Since Cash Loan is used, the Bank Loans item in the Balance Sheet does not increase.

4) International Credit Insurance Consultancy

With Credit Insurance, you can insure the risk of non-payment of your receivables arising from the contractual Open Account study, both domestically and abroad. You can also use it as a free intelligence service for every new customer...

5) International Debt Collection Consultancy

You can collect your receivables in 156 countries, WITHOUT ADVANCE COST.

6) Advantageous BitCoin Purchase Consultancy

In Crypto Currencies, which are indispensable elements of the New Economy; You can get Discounted BTC and AltCoin Purchase Consultancy for Safe, Comfortable and Bulk Purchases...

7) Asset Management Consultancy

Tailor-made solutions for Mutual Funds, Insurance Solutions and SPV installation, which are tailored to the needs, selected and specially prepared together with our Solution Partners, where the Investment strategy is implemented.

8) Bank Instrument Procurement Consultancy

In the tender you will enter, you will meet your collateral needs in your trade, such as LC, SBLC, BG, BD etc. You can obtain Bank Instrument with appropriate Costs and Safe methods...

9) Operational Leasing Consultancy

You Can Rent Anything... Operational Leasing provides you Advantages;

Not only is your Balance Sheet and Cash Flow relaxed, but also the maintenance of the Leased Equipment is carried out in accordance with the contract during the rental period. Therefore, you can focus on your work comfortably.

10) Preparation for International Partnership

Finding International Partners, Preparing for Financial and Strategic Partnerships, Using Mezzanine Finance etc. It is the transfer of information on many subjects, starting from the concepts, Who can work with on these issues, about M&A in accordance with the status and structure of the Company, to the evaluation of active institutions in the market.

Examples of problems that may arise in these processes; You can get the Services of Inventorying the Inventory of Prepaid Sales, Real Estate in the Company, Tax Risks, Receivables Accumulated in the Balance Sheet, Inventory Status, and Discussing the solution of these Problems in the Foreign Partnership process and starting an Independent Audit.

11) Company Valuation Consultancy

In the event that the Company Shares are Sold, Acquired Partners or Pledged for Collateral purposes, you can make a study to determine the Value.

12) Sectoral Analysis Consultancy

You can use the services of examining the competitors in the sector, comparing them with the competitors, and revealing the measures to be taken.

13) Company Research Consultancy

You want to do business with a Firm abroad, but you have no Information about the Firm or you are concerned about the Information reported. Before making an agreement and starting to work, if you want to make an Intelligence about the Company and have detailed information, you can benefit from the Company Research and Reporting Service.

14) Business Plan - Feasibility Making

Project Finance, Finding Partners, Getting Credit, Selling or Buying a Company etc. You can have your Business Plan (Business Plan) and Feasibility prepared at the required standards with experienced teams in Accredited Institutions to be used in your Financial Transactions, International Funds and Investment Banks.

Each Service is provided with the References of our respective Expert Solution Partners. For detailed information


Each Service is provided with the References

of our respective Expert Solution Partners.

For detailed information