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Dünya Newspaper - 16.08.2006


In the light of globalization and development companies in Turkey also began to consider using foreign or domestic capital to search for ways to improve their company. However, the necessity of acting in an environment they do not know, even if they approach a new partner positively, has a negative impact on the opinions of the shareholders of these companies, since the company partners do not know exactly the ways to sell the shares of their companies and do not fully find answers to the problems they will encounter in this way.

Turkish investors can likewise make their project investments with foreign investors from a planned and professional perspective.

Gazete haberi

Before the investor starts the project, the cost of the project should be well calculated and the financial source and project components should be well organized. Usually we meet in the semi always stuck with projects in Turkey. For example; The construction of the project is started and when financial difficulties arise, they tend to look for loans or partners. In such a situation, finding a financial source or potential partner can be very difficult. Since the investor has already spent a lot of his assets, he may fall into a situation that cannot even afford the necessary professional work to find a loan or partner.

However, if they get together with professional consultancy companies before starting the project, they may encounter very different alternatives.

We prefer to take the project from the beginning, as discussions will be held with banks and fund institutions on credit and the project files to be given to these institutions must be prepared very well.

Likewise, when it comes to partnerships, we advise companies to be open about strategic partnerships while they are still growing. The solutions sought after the problems start to occur, even if such solutions are found, are far from bringing the benefit that can be obtained in the first place.

Questions coming to our company about company marriages are generally as follows:


In Turkey, it was pretty intense partnership and is experiencing a period of mergers. Apart from the global effects of this, what are the reasons for companies to make decisions such as mergers / partnerships?


First of all, the developments in the world and especially the acceleration of the processes by technology and globalization lead companies towards merger / partnership solutions. The business lifecycle reveals Partnership as the best, and sometimes the only solution, in relation to the growth of the company. This phenomenon happens one day to all companies that are growing.


What are the conditions to be met in company mergers? Which aspects should the parties take into account? What should they pay attention to for both sides to win at the same time?


A company becomes a partner to a company for its future, not its past. The important thing is that both sides believe that they are providing sufficient benefit in their common future. For this, it is necessary to act with rational predictions, to exclude relative factors and to fulfill mutual expectations. Traditional methods generally take their history and they act out a one-sided picture as the main data to be successful in the world and in Turkey.


What are the points that companies should pay attention to when choosing partners?


On the basis of SMEs, one of the main points to be taken into consideration in choosing a partner is the expectations of the company partners as well as the culture of the companies. Including this point, a company that sets out for such a merger should clearly write down what it expects from this partnership and discuss it very transparently with its potential partner. However, the technical studies of the merger should be carried out after the two sides agree on the expectations. If these expectations are not agreed upon, it is inevitable that problems will arise in the next joint working process.


What should be done to create buyer competition?


In fact, what needs to be done here is not that different from marketing any product. First you need to identify a target audience and then inform this audience about your product, that is, your stocks. Of course, you have to do this very professionally. You need to put the demands that come later into a tender format. We explain to company partners how they can market their shares to the highest value and create competition for this purpose.

First of all, we create criteria for potential partners who will meet the expectations of the company's shareholders. We then identify potential buyers for each project around the world. After negotiations with these potential buyers, we ask that they organize meetings with companies that aspire to become partners to the company and give the best offers for this partnership. In a sense, we put the company to auction and make sure that the final negotiation table is reached with the potential partner that gives the best value.


Company valuation is also a very important issue when making decisions regarding the merger with the company or the acquisition of the other company. How are company valuations carried out? What criteria are taken into account? What should be done to increase company value?


People invest in benefits. Retrospective evaluations do not include benefits that differ from potential partners. Analysis shows that there are 4 main factors that increase company value.

Active Marketing

As in the marketing of any product, it is necessary to introduce your product to a wide audience, taking into account the privacy principles, in the marketing of company shares.

Creating competition

If there is only one buyer and one seller in a trade, the terms and wishes of the buyer generally always apply. However, if more than one company demands a seller's product, then the seller's rules become important. Creating this competitive environment not only increases the value of stocks but also leads to a shortening of the sales process.

Sell the future

No company is a partner with another company for its past. Contrary to relying on company evaluations made on a past basis, each company decides the amount of investment to be made by predicting the future benefits. For this reason, we need to professionally explain the benefits we can provide to companies that are considered as potential partners in the future.

To satisfy expectations mutually

What and how each potential partner does in their job varies. Only if we examine and understand these different approaches and explain ourselves in accordance with these approaches, these companies will be able to fully perceive us and the benefits we will bring to them in the future.